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'100% Educational Videos' was founded in 1992. Educators have relied on our company for over 28 years to provide quality educational programming. 100% Educational Videos is committed to providing excellence in curriculum-coordinated programs that meet state and national standards in all subject matter areas to enhance the quality of instruction and improve student performance.

Every K-5 educational video program we produce or distribute is thoroughly researched and evaluated in the areas of subject, content, curriculum and standard compatibility and age-appropriateness. Our research and production departments go to tremendous lengths to ensure that each video is educational, unique, and engaging.

In 2002 we updated our services and name to SchoolMedia, Inc. and launched We constantly work on improving our products and services through updated content, lower prices, new titles, and new digital applications.

In addition to our award-winning DVD products we also offer digital licensing, a subscription website with over 200 K-5 videos and accompanying interactives ( and also offer production and development services. We have co-produced with National Geographic and Discovery Education and continue to update and create new content every year.

We hope you enjoy using our products and services in the classroom and thank you for your support and loyalty for over 2 decades. We look forward to helping you create the best lessons and learning experiences possible for your students! 



If you are looking for our streaming service where you can access all '100% Educational Videos' programs for a low monthly or annual cost, please visit

Pricing starts at $9.99 per month per classroom with discounts for annual or multi-teacher licenses. And there is a fourteen day FREE preview so you can check it out, risk free.